Yoga: Care & Cure

Backache and Arthritis, Osteoporosis
Take calcium in diet – milk and vitamin D (by sunbath) if osteoporosis.
Avoid wrong posture by keeping your spine straight while sitting , standing or lying.
Use English toilets to avoid straining back.
Regular exercise- acuyoga and Spinal exercises to be done regularly.
Do not bend spine forward while lifting any object , rather bend knees .
Avoid eating gas forming foods like cauliflower and potatoes ,rice in rhematiod arthritis.

Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity
Regular check - BP , Blood Sugar & Cholestrol
Control weight
Apply acupressure on hunger pts in ear for 2 minutes half an hour before meals
Diet should be low salt , low sugar , avoid oily food
Take garlic , onion as they Lower cholestrol
Take fruits & vegetable as they are antioxidants
Change- non vegetarian to vegetarian diet
Acuyoga- Abdominal Exercises ,Vajraasan after evening food
To release stress - Yognidra
(Yognidra also does de-addiction) - Alcohol, smocking.
Acupressure on
Hypertention - Du 20 , H 7, P 6 ,Li 11 , St 36 , Liv 3
High cholestrol - St 36, St 40, GB 39, Liv 3
Diabetes – GB 21 , Li11 , Sp 6

Kidney-Genital Diseases
Titali asan
K1 , K 3 ,Sp6 , K 10 ,Liv8 , Ren4
• Bedwetting – Acupressure - Little finger
Kidney failure – Control HT ,DM, avoid drugs
Prostate - Acupressure on wrist , ankle
Acuyoga - Vajroli mundra , Mool bandh

Acuyoga - Chest expansion exercises (Tadaasan, Gomukhasan) ,Shoulder rotation
Pranayama - Surybhedi is specific for asthma,( but not to be done in hypertension)
Avoid things to which is allergic, i.e., Dust, Pollen, Food item (egg, black gram etc.)
Avoid physical and mental stress ,relax by Yognidra.
Avoid exposure to cold or breeze ; prompt treatment of cold and cough during change
of season (March-April & September-October in India)
Avoid indigestion by
Taking dinner three hours before going to bed. Do vajrasan after meals to stimulate digestion.
Food items- Milk, Cheese, Ice-cream, Cold-drinks, Black Gram

Migraine headache
diet- avoid prickles , noodles
release stress on daily basis (anger) by yognidra
acupressure on -Liv 3 , GB 20 , H7 , P6 , Li 4 , Du 20

Good Eye sight
Control - hypertension & diabetes
acpressure points around eye
Liv. 3 , P 6 , H7
Sun Treatment -
Sit facing the sun with the eyes closed for about 3 minutes. while taking the sun treatment , move the body gently from side to side like a pendulum.
Eye wash
After sun treatment come to shade and wash the eyes with water
Sit comfortably with the eyes closed and covered with palms (palming) for about 5 minutes.
After palming, practise the following with both eyes and with each eye separately.
Swinging exercise
For about 5 minutes.

Good digestion
Relaxation before eating & thank god for food
Eat slowly & chew well
Drink lquid/water – 1 hour before/after food –avoid cold drinks ,hot soup is good.
Acuyoga –vajrasan ,pawanmuktasan ,dhanurasan
St36 , P 6 , Ren12
Constipation- Li4, UB 25, Sj 5, St 25, abdominal massage

Psychological problem
Acpuncture– lasting results , medication can be gradually tappered off
Detect symptoms of change in behaviour at earliest- keep mind balanced , be optimistic
Anger - Liv3
Depression -– P8 , H8 (Mood elevator)
Memory – Sp 2 ,Sp 3
Insomnia and relaxation –H 7, P 6, Du 20, yognidra.

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