The much advanced breakthrough in the field of the proven ancient Chinese Acupuncture treatment is the Laser Acupuncture (Needle-less) technology.
Laser Acupuncture, (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) - It is a form of electromagnetic radiation, in the visible or infrared region of the light spectrum, generated by stimulating a medium, which may be solid or gaseous, under special conditions..
Its use is now widespread in almost every medical speciality, especially dermatology, ophthalmology and medical acupuncture.

Once absorbed a photochemical effect can be induced by the following mechanisms

Laser Acupuncture demonstrated significant pain relief following low power HeNe and infra-red Laser Acupuncture stimulation of acupuncture points. There are increased levels of serotonin in chronic pain patients after treatment with low power HeNe Laser Acupuncture.

Photo activation of enzymes:
A very small amount of energy can cause very significant biological effects.

Wavelength of low power Laser Acupuncture in common clinical practice are 632.8nm (Helium Neon, gas) in the visible light range (RED SLD and INFRARED SLD), 904 nm (Gallium / Arsenide, diode) in the infra red region of the light spectrum (INFRARED LASER). The wavelength is the prime determinant of tissue penetration.

Laser Acupunctures which penetrate less deeply are suitable for acupuncture point stimulation and bio stimulation.

Infra-red Laser Acupunctures penetrate more deeply and are used in deeper tissue stimulation such as trigger points.

Laser Acupuncture may be used in three different ways

To stimulate acupuncture points:
Laser Acupuncture is used to stimulate acupuncture points using the same rules of point selection as needle acupuncture. #Laser Acupuncture may be used solely or in combination with needles for any given condition over a course of treatment.

To treat trigger points:
In some musculo-skeletal conditions higher doses of Laser Acupuncture may be used for the deactivation of trigger points. Trigger points may be found in muscles, ligaments, tendons and periosteum. Direct irradiation over tendons, joint margins, bursae etc. may be effective in the treatment of conditions in which trigger points may play a part. Children and the elderly may require smaller doses. Areas of thick skin or muscle may require higher doses for penetration than finer skin areas e.g. ear.

Permanent Healing:
The results have proven the benefits of #Laser Acupuncture in the field of Skin Disorders like:


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