What is Acuyoga?

Acu-Yoga is combination of knowledge of acupuncture/acupressure and yoga where medically and scientifically modified asanas, pranayam, meditation, special relaxation techniques are advised so as to regulate the vital energy flow in the energy meridian of the affected organ. The concept behind this system is to treat the both Body and Mind not only the disease.

It is especially effective in the stress related or psychosomatic diseases:-

Prevention & reversal of Coronary Heart Diseases
Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid Diseases
Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Sleep
Sex-Problem (Impotency), Schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder
De-addiction - Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs
Chronic Fatigue and Lethargy

Role of Acu-Yoga in prevention and reversal of Coronary Arterial Disease (CAD)-
Acu-Yoga is important to keep one physically and mentally fit. It has been scientifically proved by Dr. Ornish of U.S.A and also at AIIMS, New Delhi. Main risk factors in coronary Heart Disease are Stress / Tension / Sedentary Lifestyle, imbalanced diet addiction to smoking, hypertension, diabetes, positive family history & high cholesterol level.

Most of these risk factors can be taken care by Acu-Yoga which consists of scientifically selected asanas ,pranayama, relaxation techniques, meditation, and it has been possible to avoid bypass surgery, angiography.

Incidence of CAD is increasing especially in India due to stress of modern life and above mentioned risk factors. Incidence is 10% in adult population and if lifestyle not changed, it will be 1:3 by 2020. Acu-yoga is of utmost importance in prevention of CAD.

Acu-Yoga is indicated for those who have

CHD proved positive TMT, or angiography
Who are planning for angiography or bypass in near future
To prevent recurrence of block after angioplasty or bypass surgery in near future
Who have blockages after bypass surgery or angioplasty
Who are unfit for bypass surgery or angioplasty
Obesity (overweight)
Strong family history of heart disease
High serum Cholesterol (More than 200 mg/dl)
High serum triglyceride (More than 160 mg/dl) or Low HDL cholesterol
(Less than 40 mg/dl)
High Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
Executive with high job stress

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