Neurological Disorders–Miracle Results

30 Year old girl–Neurogenic Bladder
She was operated for slip disc followed by loss of control of Bladder, had to be cathetrized 4 hourly treatment for 3 months, gave good control on Bladder,catheter was stopped.

24 Year Old Girl–Bed-Wetting
Bed wetting since childhood, frequency of which decreased with age, now once in fortnight, more so in winter, rains, emotional upset associated with Asthma, Constipation. 20 Session treatment completely cured of all complaints.

15 Year Old Boy–Epilepsy
H/O-Convulsion-First time in 2000, on Mejatal, due to liver damage (SGPT increased), all medicine stopped in 2002. No attack for 1 year Convulsion attack again in July 2003- on Mejetal, chnaged to eption, again lead to liver damage, again medicine stopped, no attack for 1year ,Ayurvedic started, Attack once in 2 months, Now Gardinal topaz ,Attack once a month but less severe IT got aggravated at exam. Time due to stress, at time of Purnima/Amavasiy, indigestion, flatulence ,constipation,3 courses of 20 Session each, as dramatically improve in frequency & severity of attack, better performance in studies.

31 Year Old Male–Transmyelitis With Quadriplegia–8 Years
After exposure to extreme cold resulting in Paralysis & numbness, both arms & legs, loss of urine & bowel control which improved partially in last 8 years with physiotherapy mri–cervical spine–confirmed cervical mylitis. He was given 2 session daily for 10 days. There was noticable overall improvement. He still under treatment.

26 year Male - Multiple Sclerosis (July 2004)
26 years. Male from Kolkata, had attack of left side paralysis which extended to right side after two months at the age of 15 years. He gradually improved with physiotherapy and acupressure. He got relapse of left side paralysis in Aug’ 03, he had double vision, lack of control of urine and stool. He has taken acupuncture sittings (45) and has dramatically improved as regards weakness of left leg and is able to walk normally, vision is also back to normal. It is an auto immune disease, acupuncture works by rectifying the immune system and stop the further degeneration of nervous system. He is on regular follow up and so far no relapse for last 4 years

22 year male,engineer - Facial / Bell's Palsy (3 Novemver 2007)
Sudden attack of weakness of left side of face - a week ago, leading to deviation of angle of mouth without any obvious cause, according to TCM most common cause is pathogenic wind (cold wave), after 20 session of acupuncture he improved 90%, in another 10 sessions completed cured.
One should cover head and neck in cold windy weather to prevent Bell palsy.

Auto-immune disorders

Sarcodiasis (Obesity, Jjoint Pains, Headache) - 38 YEARS F, 10th Feb 2009
She came with complain of increase of body weight in 2-3 years after 2nd child birth (from 70 kg to 86 kg with Water retention) generalized tiredness, fleeting joint pains, Cervical spondylitis ,Headache, Frequency of urination, Bouts of Depression feel like crying in evening 5-6pm in winter especially, emotionally Anger ++ , diagnosed as Sarcodiasis, treated with steroids for few months (april07-aug 07, 80mg – taperred off gradually) she improved and went into phase of remission and was symptom free till recently when she started complaining of swellings over the body, fever, joint pains.
She has been given 20 sessions of acupuncture (no medication –steriod) and is now symptom free, she is still under treatment, she may need long term treatment to rectify auto-immune symptoms, to prevent further recurrence.

Systemic Lupus Erythomatosus and (HT, Hypercholestrolaemia, BHP, Gout )
57years male 12th Jananury 2009 He has been having vague symptoms- Raynauds disease for 4 years (in winter only), Polyarthralgia - 4 years, Skin lesions? lichen plans ? psoarisis, Alopecia - 1 year, dryness of mouth Inflammation &Ulcer in mouth – 6 month Numbness Rt half face, oral ulcers, misdiagnosed for long time, finally at AIIMS diagnosed as SLE and has other associated ailment HT, hypercholestrolaemia, BHP, Gout.
ChronicAlcoholic and smoker for last 40 years, stopped them only recently.
MRI BRAIN – multiple small ch lacunar infarcts and dilated perivasclar spaces in supratentoial compartment RA factor –positive.
He has been put on high dose of steroids, when he came for acupuncture treatment, after 40 sessions, steroid has been gradually withdrawn, symptoms are well controlled, acupuncture treatment has to be continued on long term basis to rectfy autoimmune system ,he is still under treatment.

Tumor–Miracle Results

30 Years Old Female–Breast Tumors
H/O-2 nodules left breast-1cm x 1cm-6 cm x 6 cm–1 year. Menstrual–irregular, painful, heavy for 10 days, 25–30 days cycle-H/O–serious emotional imbalance due to joint family-married for 11 years, no isssue, fallopian tube blocked
Diagnosis: liver qi, heart qi–excess
stagnation of spleen qi, kidney qi -deficiency.
She was given 3 course of 20 sessions,
• Small nodule almost dissolved, bigger one reduced from 6 cm to less than 5 cm,
• Menstruation less painful & regular
• Emotionally mood elevated & cheerful
• She is still under treatment.

Bones & Joints Diseases–Miracle Results

32 Years Old Male–Advanced Rheumatiod
Advanced rheumatiod arthritis for few years involving all joints, ra factor positive had been to aiims and was given steriod & immunosupressant but no relief, general health deterioted. He was given 2 coures of 20 session each, remakable improvement, ra factor -negative.

30 Years Old Male-Mumbai 4th September 2006–Ankylosing Spondylitis
Low backache on & off–7 years, acute pain–2 years with sciatica pain radiating both legs rt > lt mri–prolapse disc l4–l5, improved considerably with physiotheapy. In dec 2005 neck pain became acute with muscle power rt armreducedto 40%, muscle wasting chest muscle–mri –prolapse–c5-c6–c 7 & after surgery (disectomy of c5, c6 done) - radiating pain relieved, muscle power regained upto 70% acupunture started sep 2006-40 session given–considerable improvement in muscle power, sciatica, mood elevation.

63 Years Male-Pivd With Severe Sciatica (Marine Engineer 31 May 2007)
C/o sciatica pain radiating down left leg – 6 months Tingling sensation and heat coming out both leg - 4 years, he could hardly stand and pain would start if he stands for brushing teeth.
C/o sciatica pain radiating down left leg – 6 months Tingling sensation and heat coming out both leg - 4 years, he could hardly stand and pain would start if he stands for brushing teeth. O/e no motor weakness, power 5 / 5 at all joints, dtr ++, planter down, no sensory deficit, slr r & l -- 90 degree mri – pivd l3 - 4, l4 -5, l5 –s1 with canal stenosis, compression of nerve compression.
Acupunture treatment – 15 session improved markedly and now can stand, walk without any discomfort for one mile.

Post-Operative Sciatica
40 Year Female - complained of lower backache after fall from staircase 25 year ago, which was of mild to moderate intensity but after 4th delivery 10 year ago developed severe Right side Sciatica pain diagnosed as PIVD ( at L5 –S1 level - large extrusion into right lateral canal with marked compression of right exiting S1 nerve roots and thecal sac ), spinal surgery done 3 years ago, had relief till recently when acute sciatica recurred, she had acupuncture 20 sessions recovered completely.

Avascular Necrosis Head of Femur -33 Years Male
Complained of pain left hip joint with limitaton of movements for 2 months it was of sudden onset with no history of injury, no ailment, no intake of medication in recent past. He was diagnosed as avascular necrosis head of femur and has been on acupuncture treatment since 17th april 2009 with marked improvement in 10 sessions, he is still under traetment.

Eye And Ear Diseases–Miracle Results

32 Years Old Male–Nerve Deafness click here
Sudden loss of hearing–may be exposure to severe (left side) cold-7 days ago after receiving treatment for 10 days (20sessions daily). He improved to 40 percent after another 10 days (20 sessions) is recovery is almost complete, it is confirmed by audiogram before & after treatment.

23 Years Oold Girl–Retina Pignentosa (Night Blindness) click here
With macular degeneration She complained of difficulty in seeing in night for several years. No family history she had severe asthma in chidhood for which she was given steriod for long time acpunture for three months cured her more than 50 percent. she is still under treatment.

50 Year Old Lady–Optic Atrophy & Diabetic Retinopathy
A diabetic patient-4 years back was under severe emotional stress due to death of her young son for 2 years followed by general ill health & Optic atrophy & retinal bleeding 40 session of treatment, remarkedly improved in general health & eye problem.

65 Year Female – Macular Degenertion (14 June 2007)
Loss of vision right eye - Diagnosed dry age related macular degeneration ( dry armd ) - 3- 4 years.
Left eye -poor vision with distorted images - wet armd- 3 weeks. Investigation - reports enclosed for details click.
Acupunture treatment - 10 session has improved eye sight considerably in left eye, she is still under teatment.

24 Year Male - Dryness & Redness Eyes (8th December 7th)
Complaint of dryness & redness & feeling of pressure in both eyes for -2 years, tried several eye specialists, no relief According to acupuncture diagnosed as due to excess Qi in Liver & Gall bladder sedation of Liv Qi ,brought instant relief on first day of treatment. Completely cured in 10 sessions.

Nerve Deafness - 43 Years Male April 2010
Complained of gradual hearing loss about 50% for last few years, no obvious cause was known. He was given 60 session of acupuncture and he improved considerably upto 60% . Further improvement is expected when he gets time to continue treatment.

Genito-Urinary Diseases

29 Year Old Male, Unmarried–Impotency
Poor erection due to excessive masterbation since age of 14 year. 20 session of acupuncture combined with acuyoga completely cured and he is going to be married shortly.

53 Year Old Male-18 December 2006–Kidey Failure
A case of Hypertesion (with borderline diabetes) for 1 year suddenly fainted due low sodium level in blood, saline therapy lead to stoppage of urine & oedema, minidialysis done, urine was passed b. urea-256, creatinine–4. 67 after 30 session b urea–142mg ,ceartinine–3.5 mg. He is still under treatment.

40 Year Old Lady – Kidey Failure
A case of hypertension went into kindey failure, b. urea-200mg, creatinine-8.9 mg acupunture 40 session brought her, b.urea-80mg, creatinine–2mg.

Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders

10 Years Old Girl – Juvenile Diabetes 4th February 2009
c/o irritablity ,excessive hunger , loss of weight- 6 kg in 1 month, blood sugar was 348 pp when for first time done in august 2008, thyriod normal , started insuin 20 units , diabtes got controlled, later insulin was stopped and she was partially controlled on diet, haemopatthy and herbal leaves.
History of diabetes in family (maternal side strongly positive), both parents obese, she was started on acupuntcure and by now had 30 sessions resulting in complete control of blood sugar, even hypoglaemia sometime so she has to take sugar, so results are very encouraging in juvinle dibetes ,she is still under treatment

Psychological Disorders
50 Year Old Lady – Depression
graudually loss of interst in life, complete loss of appetite, sleepless whole night cause–family stress of joint family, husband jobless for sometime and now got job in far off station, son away to london for studies all this make her lonely at home emoyionally she is worrying type and does not forget past instances which happened with her in joint family 20 session cured her.
Insomnia - 50 Year Male July 2010
Complained of Difficulty in falling sleep and it was not sound and lasted for only 3-4 hours, he has been suffering for for last many years, though he denied any history of stress but energy testing showed xcess energy in brain due to business stress being cause of insomnia. He responded to acupuncture treatment instantly recovered completely in 20 sessions.

Skin & Cosmetic

Dark Facial Pigmentaion
35 year lady had on both cheeks, forehead for 10 years after 2nd delivery along with General Weakness & Scanty Menses, Measurement of Qi showed deficiency of Liver & Kidney, Tonification of Kidney, Liver and Lung Qi along with hormonal points, local points led to very fast recovery and she started improving after few sessions and completely recovered after 40 sessions.

Dark Circles Around Eyes Dark Coloration Of Skin
21years girl, unmarried on forehead, forearm neck posteriorly (all parts exposed to sunlight) with itching, skin rashes. Her general health was poor because of diet & lack of exercise, menses normal, she was advice nourishing diet with regular yoga, acupuncture 30 sessions given and she completely recovered, her skin returned to normal colour and luster.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Reflex Oesophagitis With Hiatus Hernia
26 years – male, computer professional complained of vomiting on empty stomach or after taking food, felt as if food got stuck up in navel area for 2-3 years associated with loss of appetite, bowl movement poor, not been able to evacuate even after going 2-3 times in a day. C T SCAN –WHOLE ABDOMEN –NORMAL Blood – Alanine aminotransferase 25 ( N 30 -65 ) GASTRO-ENDOSCOPY - REFLEX OESOPHAGITIS WIT HIATUS HERNIA According to TCM it was a case of imbalance of liver and stomach Qi once their Qi was balanced, he completely got cured.

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