Say Yes to Good Living

Live Healthy for 100 Years

Vital force is a combination of three important factors:
Food energy – good food is essential to stay healthy,
Pranic energy – Deep breathing exercise is also essential to stay healthy,
Cosmic energy – Electrical energy from Cosmos – exposing the whole body to the outside
environment is essential for staying healthy.

In todays hectic, busy and stressful life, one can keep fit & healthy by doing the following programme during leisure moments. The whole program can be done in 15-20 minutes in morning, evening or lunch break in office.

Relax while you work, make use of leisure moments-
While walking, do dynamic meditation.
While driving and waiting at traffic intercepts do abdominal breathings.
While sitting at computer / watching TV do eye exercises.

Start with chanting of "OM"
WARM-UP EXERCISES- To release energy blockage, before Yoga

Toe movements
Ankle movements
Knee movements
Hip movements

Finger movements
Wrist movements
Elbow movements
Shoulder rotation


ASANAS- to release energy flow at physical level:-
Tadasana- Very effective for constipation (removal of toxins).
Kati Chakrasana-

Paschimothan Asana
Stimulates UB Channel
Removes stiffness in Spine
Helps in Diabetes
Janu Shirshasana.
Helps digestion
Improve Sex Power
(It is the only Asana which can be done after meals)
Increase kidney energy
Improve sex and reproductive power

Lying on Spine / Abdomen:-
Ekpad Utthan Asana

PRANAYAMA:- Kalpalbhati ,Nadishodan, Shitkari , Bhambari
Removes blockage at pranic level
Relaxes mind- Mood elevator in anxiety and depression.

DEEP RELAXATION (YOG NIDRA)- During this period mind is very receptive ,so one can
replace negative emotions with positive thinking:-
Concentrate on breath and different parts of the body.
Take a few deep breaths when coming out of yog nidra.
End with chanting of "OM".

Balanced Diet
Good Sleep
Proper Breathing (Pranayama)
Positive Thinking
To live in present and forget past

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