Why should a patient come to Dr. Chhabra's Clinic?
Having worked in Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, Malayasia and countless health camps abroad, Dr. Chhabra's Acupuncture Clinic has seen hopeless cases with 95% improvement and remedial effect. If that isn’t a reason enough, what is!

Over 30 years of experience, Dr. Chhabra has sound grip on almost all possible and non-probable cases and how to fuse experiential knowledge for practical and most effective remedy. His association with Govt. of Nigeria & Tanzania, Ministry of Health (India) and top notch hospitals like VIMHANS, Indian Spinal Injury Center among others as visiting Sr. Acupuncture Consultant adds much to his efficacy in the said field.

Dr. Chhabra possess M.B.B.S. RGMC (London) M.D. (Ac.) (Colombo) medical degree and have been honored with Gold Medal for excelling in academics.

Dr. Chhabra specializes in analyzing and treating the energy imbalances of the person’s body to understand the root cause. Henceforth, therapies complement the medical care which may or may not be in procession at the time of treatment.
Be it Cosmetic Care, function disorders, mood or stress conditions or any problem that pains his patient’s mind, body or soul.

Dr. Chhabra understands and analyzes and treats the energy imbalances of his patients the way he himself would like to be treated. Consultations are free, and Dr. Chhabra will gladly tell you whether the treatment could be of help and try to thoroughly explain how (Laser) acupuncture might be of benefit.

Dr. Chhabra incorporates the latest advances in profession, state-of-the-art equipment and, of disposable needles to ensure safety of all his patients. The art of experienced practice combined with the effectiveness of treatments provide his patients with a pleasant and beneficial experience.

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