What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is proven ancient Chinese medical practice more than 300 years ago. It applies traditional Chinese medicine theory to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease and improve well-being by inserting Acupuncture needles at critical points through human body. Due to its proven effectiveness, it has been becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

How Acupuncture Works
There are two kinds of explanations about how Acupuncture works. I would like to give a traditional explanation. In traditional Chinese Medicine, there exists meridian system through human body and more than 360 acu points are located at these meridians. Qi, or a stream of energy, flows through these meridians and acu points to support tissue, muscles and organs.
• When the Qi is obstructed in certain critical points, or acu points, the function of tissue, muscles and organs are known to be surfing the root cause for the medical problem.
• By inserting #Acupuncture needles into acu points helps the release of Qi flow and corrects Qi imbalances at the organ level to improve your energy and internal processing.

What is Acupuncture Benefits?
worry, anxiety depression, Fatigue, chronic illness and excessive sexual activity.
Other Factors
Gastro intestinal disorder: constipation, flatulence.

Recurrent respiratory disorder: common cold, sinusitis

Is very good in young cases that come at early stage.

In late case and those associated with Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema or prolonged intake of Corticosteroids lungs gets weakened and prolonged treatment may be required .

• Besides acupuncture, combination with Acuyoga gives better & quicker result.
• Pawanmuktasan or Suryanamaskar (careful in spondylitis)
• Chest expansion exercises (tadaasan, gomukhasan), Shoulder rotation.
• Pranayama-Surybhedi is specific for asthma, but not to be done in hypertension.

Health Tips
• Avoid things to which one is allergic, i.e., Dust, Pollen, Food Item (egg, black gram etc.).
• Avoid physical and mental stress. Learn to relax by Yognidra.
• Avoid exposure to cold or breeze by wearing warm clothing; prompt treatment of cold and cough during change of season (March-April & September-October in India).
• Avoid indigestion by-
        •Taking dinner three hours before going to bed. Do vajrasan after meals to stimulate digestion.
        •Food Items- Milk, Cheese, Ice-cream, Cold-drinks, Black Gram, Gas producing food viz., rice, cauliflower, banana, to be avoided.
• Practice deep breathing (SURYABEDI Pranayama) exercises.
• Application of Moxa at St 36, Li 4, Li 11 during or before change of season can prevent as asthma.
• Keep hot water bottle at upper back at bed time.
• Single Treatment session of acupuncture by special Chinese technique can cure Asthma in majority of young and fresh cases of Asthma.

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