Medical Breakthrough

In treatment of Tumor (Breast, Uterine fibroids, Ovarian cyst), Eye disorders (Retina pigmentosa, macular degeneration, optic atrophy ,myopia), Kidney failure have shown encouraging results.

Tumor of breast

Anger- (frustration , repressed anger, resentment, and irritation)
This is the emotion which is most related to the Liver function. A study on more than two thousand women and treatment of more than eight hundred cases, it has found that breast tumours are closely related to the liver and stomach (spleen), as well as to the Chong and Ren Meridians. The liver functions is to promote free flow of qi and stores blood; the Liver Meridian runs through the chest and connects with the breast..
Disorders of the seven emotional factors, especially excessive thinking and anger, may cause stagnation of liver, qi, dysfunction of the spleen in transportation and transformation, unsmooth circulation of qi and blood in the liver and stomach, This will result in stagnation of qi and blood in the breast collaterals and manifest as tumours.
Changes of concerntration of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone were measured before and after acupuncture treatment. The results revealed that before treatment all of the three above hormones were higher for breast tumour patients than for a healthy person. (Estradiol and progesterone: P 0.01; testosterone: (P 0.05). After acupuncture treatment, the estradiol levels were reduced to normal, while the progesterone and testosterone levels were continuously raised. These studies revealed that one of the main causative factors of hyperplasia of the breast is the elevation of plasma estradiol. The positive results of acupuncture treatment for this disease are obtained by lowering the plasma estradiol level.

Uterine Fibriod if of 2-3 cms can be dissolved by acupunture
Research in malignant tumor–acupuncture can help to boost body immunity and prevent adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Eye disorders

Retinal haemorrage-
Hypertension & Diabetes which are becoming common which have adverse effect on eye–lead to Retinal bleeding, Diabetic retinopathy.

Myopia (Short-sightedness)
Stress of studies.
Lack of proper light.

Optic atrophy

Retina Pigmentosa (Night blindness)



Health tips:

Control-Hypertension & diabetes.
Acupuncture points around eye.
Liv.3, P 6, H7.
Sun treatment-eye exercises during rising. setting sun, palming etc.

Rental failure
Is becoming common due hypertension & diabetes, intake of modern
medication with toxic effect on kidney.

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